Integrity Policy Notice

At LEXIA* we are committed to a culture of integrity, transparency, responsibility and accountability, which is why we have formalized and implemented, as part of the company's management system, an Integrity Policy that is of general observance and obligatory for all directors, workers, collaborators and any other person who carries out activities for LEXIA. It also applies, as appropriate, to its business partners, suppliers, service providers, contractors, advisors and consultants, among others. As part of this Integrity Policy, LEXIA has implemented and published its Code of Conduct, which establishes the principles and rules that regulate the behavior of all persons within the company. Proper compliance with the Integrity Policy and the Code of Conduct, as well as behaviour always framed in our values are, at the same time, a commitment and a requirement for all the company's workers. *We refer with LEXIA to MENTE SOCIAL, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. and to any of the subsidiaries and/or subsidiary companies, or to any natural person who for any reason collaborates and/or contributes under their standards and processes any issue, to any of them.  



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