Digital Environment

Today's children: going out to play inside

Today's children have stopped playing outside because of insecurity and other issues, spend a lot of time alone and get everything from information to entertainment from mobile devices. What does the trend say?

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Digital Environment

Kodak: the resurrection of an icon

Kodak is back with projects that exploit its recognized prestige in the field of image production and handling, as well as incorporating new technologies and covering one of the great needs of the digital world. Whose images are they and how can we give their authors fair payment for their work?

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Digital Environment

Digital interaction and how to be your friend

Digital consumers are not only buyers, but also play an important role as "word of mouth" promoters or detractors. Your opinion, positive or negative, remains available to others forever and only one click is needed to access it.

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Digital Environment

Los Emojis and your Brand

Text messages have become the most used form of communication today and, in an effort to broaden the range of emotions that can be shared, EMOJIS were created, which can be incorporated into the communication strategies of the various brands.

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