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How do you move and what does it say about you?

The trend is to promote sustainable means of transport and access to strategic information that contributes to optimizing the use of road infrastructure and improving the travel experience and quality of life of people.

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The Father Figure in Mexico

Men know that the role of a father figure is very important in the development of children and adolescents, but in real life there is a lot of difference between what men think and what they do.

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Children, adolescents and their families

Did you know that 3 out of 10 people with children in Mexico live separately? This study by LEXIA in partnership with Netquest for Guardians explores the landscape of intra-family relations in the country.

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What do you know about child sexual abuse?

"Child sexual abuse is any contact of a sexual nature between an adolescent or adult and a minor in order to stimulate and gratify the sexual desire of the offender through the use of power, deception or persuasion.

Child sexual abuse is a major public health problem in Mexico, one that can be prevented by disseminating information to parents, adolescents and children.

That's why LEXIA Insights & Solutions, the Guardians organization, and Netquest conducted this study, which was presented in a forum at the Memory and Tolerance Museum, to publicize the characteristics and perceptions of child sexual abuse and explain what you can do to prevent it.

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Woman who works, weaver of two worlds

Most women workers in Mexico feel guilty if they use the money they earn on themselves, rather than sharing it with their families. In Mexico, working and unmarried women over the age of 30 are considered "workaholics," "intractable," and "unreachable. Women workers in the LGBTTTI community prefer not to disclose their sexual orientation at work for fear of discrimination.

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