Food beyond food

Today, we are not only looking for food to meet physiological needs, we want healthy products that taste good and are cultivated or processed in a way that does not affect the planet.

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Social Impact

The design of an enduring brand: Mexico as a country brand

In order to position Mexico as an attractive brand worldwide, it was necessary to identify its strengths and areas of opportunity, to ground its essence in an image and give it meaning, a task that LEXIA successfully led with the help of the Mexico Puente de Encuentros Foundation, headed by Dr. Guido Lara.

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Social Impact

Haters: a world of opportunities

Las personas a los que no hemos podido complacer, especialmente aquellas que nos lo hacen saber por diversos medios, los llamados haters, representan una gran fuente de conocimiento.

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Digital Environment

Los Emojis and your Brand

Text messages have become the most used form of communication today and, in an effort to broaden the range of emotions that can be shared, EMOJIS were created, which can be incorporated into the communication strategies of the various brands.

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