How do you go where you're going?


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At LEXIA, we want your brand to always be in the minds of your customers, who spend a lot of their time moving from one place to another. We show you what the transport you choose tells us about a person and how to adapt it to your market strategies.

How are you going where are you going? 

When talking about mobility, the most important challenge is to minimize travel times and, if possible, to move in efficient, ecological and safe means. 

Today there is a whole range of mobility options, especially in large cities. And the choice of a means of transport is not only based on practical and/or economic issues, but is also a statement of your convictions about issues such as health, the environment and even your political inclinations.  

If you travel by car. 

  • Although once a status symbol, the gasoline- or diesel-powered car is seen today as anachronistic, polluting and hindering by many sectors. 
  • Manufacturers are evolving to new cleaner technologies such as electricity and hybrid cars. 
  • Cars are increasingly being equipped with more applications, gadgets and devices for passenger comfort, connectivity and safety. Some are already true digital devices with wheels. 
  • The next step in its evolution is the autonomous car, which does not require a driver, which will minimize accidents and may reach those who do not have a license or live with a disability. 

If you travel by bus 

  • They are considered the most versatile public transport, because they do not require a track or wiring and can reach remote places. 
  • They are the symbol of the future in large cities, as they are seen as an effective tool for solving problems of pollution, excessive traffic, overcrowding in cities and interconnection routes. 
  • The trend is to encourage and personalize more and more bus trips, with the use of applications and resources such as prepaid cards to reduce waiting time at the ticket office and at the station. 
  • Among the challenges it faces is the coexistence of passengers, especially men and women, as well as maximizing access to seats and comfort during transfers. 
  • Automation of buses on predetermined routes is already a reality in certain countries, such as the Easy Mile service in the United States. This allows for greater accuracy in pick-up times and standardizes travel times.  

If you ride a bicycle 

  • In Mexico it is a medium favored by the new generations, which have a greater awareness of the environment and their health, in addition to helping to avoid congestion and save time. 
  • It's a highly portable extension of your body and the tendency is to transform it into a gadget that's compatible with your cell phone. 
  • In Mexico City there are already bicycle rental services through an app, in which the user uses them and leaves them, without having to buy or maintain their own bicycle. 
  • The biggest challenge is the lack of appropriate road infrastructure, as well as road culture on the part of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists themselves, who do not always obey the traffic rules, which obviously also apply to them.  

And how do you move? 

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