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Competing in the saturated market of beauty and personal care is not easy, above all, before the commoditization of options and the search for increasingly personalized experiences on the part of the consumer.

Colgate Palmolive and LEXIA face the strategic challenge of launching and positioning PALMOLIVE NATURALS ALMOND & OIL as a relevant product line in the personal care market, with an effective communication strategy.

What method do we follow?

The Klik Post® methodology was implemented to listen to PALMOLIVE consumers and their competitors and generate insights. This was complemented with a Co-creation Workshop between the COLGATE team, LEXIA and specialists (Creatives, Semiologists and Copys), to work on strategic communication guides.

What insights do we discover?

  • Nutrition for the skin is part of the beauty ritual that women have adapted to their hectic pace of life: they seek practicality, strong results, and save time and quantity of products used.
  • A soap that provides visible skin benefits, in addition to cleanliness and freshness, is very attractive because it contributes in a practical way to comprehensive skin care.
  • Women love almonds, being an ingredient totally linked to the nutrition and beauty of the skin that when combined with omega oil strengthens the perception of self-care. 

What solutions do we co-create?

  • Nine communication concepts were generated for PALMOLIVE NATURALS ALMOND & OIL based on insights, which were validated with consumers to choose the most attractive as a launch platform for this new product line. 
  • We generated strategic guides on which the brand and its creative agencies developed the communication pieces for the launch.


  • Nutritional Fusion was chosen as the winning name and concept for PALMOLIVE NATURALS ALMOND & OIL, successfully integrating into the brand portfolio. 
  • This line of products has maintained a good performance in the market from 2015 to date, despite the dynamism of the soap category and the difficulty of building engagement with consumers.

In this way, Colgate Palmolive maintains and strengthens its market position, with a relevant product and communication for a consumer who is demanding in skin care. 

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