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This series of articles, published in Nexos Magazine in 2011 and 2018, were elaborated from a research carried out by LEXIA and GAUSSC, and trace the way of being and seeing the world of Mexicans.

The data were first collected in 2010 and then in 2017 using qualitative and quantitative research methods, which documented the evolution of the population's views, feelings and yearnings over time.

We share with you some materials and evaluations that will allow you to have a more complete and enriching perception around the published articles and the execution of the study.

The Mexican Today: Portrait of a Wild Liberal (2011)

The task was undertaken through a comprehensive national study.

A first component was qualitative, carried out by LEXIA, in open groups, with interviews with people of all socio-economic levels, occupations and ages, in all regions of the country.

The other, quantitative, was a survey conducted by the company Gaussc in 1,794 households during the last week of November 2010.

The qualitative study generated the guidelines for the quantitative survey questionnaire and provided the framework for interpretation.

The survey identified nine dimensions of Mexican national sensitivity: the aspirations and basic problems of Mexicans, the factors that inhibit the desired future, the effort required to achieve the dreams sought, the way citizens see themselves, the way they see the country, Mexico's potential in the world order, the state of revolutionary nationalism, the levels of access to and consumption of information.

It is important to consider that this study did not seek to understand Mexicans as voters, or consumers in an electoral market, but to understand their dreams and yearnings, the issues that concern them personally and what, for them, are the barriers that prevent them from reaching them.

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El Mexicano Hoy: Mexicans, Dreams and Aspirations

This report was written in 2011 by Guido Lara and Jorge Rocha, based on the insights obtained in the investigation that evidenced what the Mexicans wanted at that time, both individually and collectively, resulting in the following conclusions:

The Mexico of 2011 did not have a clear, unique, explicit dream to guide and direct the efforts of all Mexicans.
What the citizens were clear about was that Mexico lacked a direction or a meaning.

In spite of not having a unified collective dream, Mexicans did have individual dreams that, when compared, reflected collective desires, but were not conjugated into one.

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El Mexicano Hoy: New Portrait of a Wild Liberal

In this new exercise, for which information was collected in 2017, the same variables as in the first edition were reviewed and compared, which showed how they evolved. In addition, the voices of Mexican migrants and new questions on issues such as discrimination, same-sex marriage and changes in the justice system were included, enriching the information gathered and broadening the scope of the previous study.

In a Mexico that had returned from panism to PRIism (the current government elections had not yet taken place), with the United States government led by Donald Trump and in frank confrontation with Mexico over commercial and migratory issues, and, on the other hand, Mexican figures that triumphed on the international stage (the case of Mexican filmmakers in Hollywood).

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The Mexican Today: Mexico According to the App Generation

The first edition in 2011 did not deal with young people as a group, in the last edition we decided to include a series of qualitative research activities with children and adolescents, in addition to a sample envelope in the survey focused on recovering the perspective of adolescents between 15 and 17 years. This allowed us to get closer to the perception that this important segment of young people has of Mexico and Mexicans.

It was decided to recover the name of Generation App, coined by Howard Gardner and Katie Davis, who pointed out the use of smart phones and APPs are transforming in depth the mechanisms of identity construction, interpersonal relationships, ways of understanding and acting in the world and the perception of the future.

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