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Es grande el impacto que un par de personajes e historias bien contadas pueden tener en la solución de un problema de seguridad, entre un segmento tan vulnerable como son los niños. 

GNP Seguros and LEXIA face the strategic challenge of generating and continuously improving the content of "Luli y Gabo" (video capsules aimed at children), based on learning from the target audience itself, seeking to prevent and reduce child accidents in the home.

What method do we follow?

We have collaborated creating from the creative and conceptual foundations of "Luli y Gabo", to the social and commercial implications of the prevention of childhood accidents in Mexico, with close consulting and applying methodological tools such as: Emociorama® Metaforama®, Y&I, KlikPost®, Deep Interviews, Projective Journals and Online Surveys, considered four main axes:

  1. Understanding the target
  2. Engagement and content appropriation
  3. Evaluation of content and generation of new narrative lines
  4. Effectiveness of the campaign and of the message > reduction of child accidents in the home

What insights do we discover?

The successful internalization of the content of "Luli and Gabo" is due to: great balance of characters and situations (responsibility + fun) as well as the involvement of parents and authority figures (reinforcement of the premises of prevention provided mainly by parents).

What solution do we co-create?

Various narratives and strategic communication pieces were generated which, without losing the attractiveness of the contents, achieve the objective of raising awareness and generating learning among children.


  • Brand presence. It was possible to connect the GNP brand with the children's segment. The content of "Luli & Gabo" is successfully positioned in the area of risk prevention, adding to the brand image GNP.
  • Social impact. Strengthening GNP as a socially responsible brand.
  • Communication The presence in social networks was strengthened in order to deepen the characters and strengthen the link with the audience.
  • Derived from these projects, it was identified that the high levels obtained in credibility, differentiation and relevance were not only positive, but also stand out among the content evaluations carried out by LEXIA for diverse clients and categories.

Thanks to "Luli y Gabo" and its insights-based narratives, GNP Seguros is strengthened as a brand and has a social impact, protecting our children.




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