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The percentage of Mexicans with Internet access continues to grow steadily and, therefore, the number of digital consumers in our country is increasing. 

87% of Internet users in Mexico remain connected throughout the day from their smartphones, with social networks (84%) being the main activity to which they dedicate themselves, with a strong growth in the sending of emails and the search for information. 

These Internet users are not only direct buyers, but also promoters and critics of the products they purchase, both through the Internet and in the traditional way. 

According to 2018 data compiled by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), 77 million people have a cell phone and approximately half of them own a smart phone that they use to shop and post opinions on social networks and discussion forums, which become a reference point for potential buyers. 

And not at any point of reference, 46% of digital consumers in Latin America take into account the comments of friends and family in the decision to purchase a product or service and 30% rely more on the opinion of people they do not know (those who are on the Internet), than on what the brand itself says about itself. 

If we add to this the fact that 57% of users write about at least one brand on the nets and most of those writings are for complaining, we realise that it is very important to be able to influence the digital "word of mouth", in other words, it is better to have them on your side than against you! 

In order to attract and please digital consumers there are several points to consider. 

The typical Latin American digital consumer follows and/or is friends with an average of 6.2 Social Network brands. 

Four out of 10 Latin Americans follow and/or are fans of a brand because they are passionate about it (active loyalty). While promotions and special offers are key drivers of brand interaction on social networks, it's not just about personal benefits.  

In the afternoon (16 to 19 hours.) and at the beginning and end of the day (6 to 9 hours and 21 to 24 hours.), are the periods of greatest traffic on the network in Mexico, therefore, it is there where you have to launch campaigns and promotions that are planned. 

In addition, there is an openness of Internet users to interact with brands, as long as they offer attractive and non-intrusive advertising. 

Let's remember the case of the album that U2 gave away by Itunes, which was charged to the users' account without requesting their authorization, causing a series of complaints that led the band to apologize and demonstrating that users do not want anyone to tell them what to do without consulting them. 

Immediate interactions, which do not require too many clicks and give quick results, are ideal for attracting new consumers and establishing digital relations of cordiality and loyalty. 

Mass advertising does not fit on the Internet, it is necessary to create promotions (contests and campaigns) aimed specifically at the required target group and, to do so, it is necessary to know which of all the channels and tools that the network has is your favorite.  

For example, Millenials between the ages of 18 and 34 with children share the most videos on the net (81%), so a promotion dedicated to them should include at least one video that can be shared via twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

Digital consumers are active, not passive. Advertising aimed at them must also have a call to action, enter a site, give like on a platform or mix elements of the real world with the virtual. 

The campaign launched in Vietnam for Valentine's Day by Kit Kat chocolates is a success story in which all these premises are fulfilled. 

Campaign Kit Kat Vietnam

As you can see from the results, digital consumers can be your brand's best friends, as long as you know how, where and when to talk to them, otherwise they can also make your life impossible. 

You have to have them on your side. 


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