What do you know about child sexual abuse?


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At LEXIA, we know that we are all responsible for taking care of our children. That's why we team up with specialized organizations to help collect and disseminate information to prevent and detect child sexual abuse.

We hope that the following study will be useful to you.  

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"Sexual abuse is any contact of a sexual nature between an adolescent or adult and a minor in order to stimulate and gratify the sexual desire of the offender through the use of power, deception or persuasion.  

Aggression includes a variety of actions ranging from showing pornography, exhibiting the naked or semi-naked body, coming into contact with the body of the child, or having the child touch the body of the assailant, whether or not reaching oral, anal, or vaginal penetration. 

Child sexual abuse is something that, for many of us, is incomprehensible and we wish it did not exist. 

But it exists. And all children are exposed, since many times the aggressor is a close person, whom the child knows and of whom we would never suspect.  

When a child is sexually abused, it can be forever marked by experience, so it is important to know as much as possible about the subject, in order to protect our children effectively. 

This study explores Mexico's perception of the issue, for example: 

Most Mexicans cite rape as the primary form of child sexual abuse. 

Approximately 50% say they have no close knowledge of child sexual abuse. 

73% are concerned about how to care for their children. 

40% think that the street is the place where children are most exposed to child sexual abuse. 

As you can see, it is a complex problem, about which there is a lot of misinformation and which requires the responsibility and participation of all. The main way to prevent it is to inform ourselves and the children, in this way we can empower them and teach them to take care of themselves and, if they need it, to ask for help. 

We hope that the study is of your interest, help us to spread it and remember, we are all guardians. Download the study here.

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Carol Chavez

Carol Chávez es Psicóloga Social, Especialista en Comunicación, Cultura y Psicología Política, ambos grados por la UNAM y Diplomada en Procesos de Democratización en México

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