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For LEXIA INVESTIGACIÓN CUALITATIVA, S.A. DE C.V. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (LEXIA), personal information is one of the most relevant elements of our operation and therefore we maintain confidential and protect personal information through various administrative processes to keep this information secure. These processes have been designed in adherence of all local, state, federal and international legislation applicable. 

Given the above, as respondent, LEXIA hereby informs you that all information associated with your person (“Personal Data”) will be handled in strict confidentiality and that we will only gather, use, handle and store (“Treatment”) such information for the following purpose: 

“To conduct qualitative and quantitative research studies through surveys, group sessions, opinion polls, in-person, written or electronic interviews, to offer marketing and communications solutions on products and services to our Clients.” 

We will use the following personal data to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Notice: identifying information, contact information, physical characteristics, academic information, immigration information. 

In addition to the information mentioned above, we will use the following sensitive personal data, requiring special protection: information on ideology, religious beliefs, philosophical or moral beliefs, political opinions and/or union affiliation, health information, diet information, sexual information, information about consumer habits, ethnic origin or race, employment information, biometric data (fingerprints), and asset and/or financial information. 

Given the above, on receiving your consent, LEXIA may hold in its records, all information you have provided to us.  

LEXIA may, from time to time and to fulfill the purposes mentioned, transfer some of your Personal Data to third parties, including to related companies. Such transfers will be conducted applying appropriate security measures and on your consent.  

We inform you that the party responsible for the Treatment of your Personal Data, per the terms of this Privacy Notice, is LEXIA, providing address as Félix Cuevas No. 6, piso 6, int.602, Colonia Tlacoquemécatl del Valle, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, CP 03200.  

LEXIA informs you that, as part of the Treatment and care of the information provided, we have various administrative, technical and physical safety mechanisms, procedures and measures in place to protect this information from damage, loss, alteration, destruction and unauthorized access.  

Under the Mexican Data Protection Law (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares), published in the Official Federal Gazette on July 5, 2010, LEXIA has charged its LEGAL DEPARTMENT with the PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA and to process any requests to exercise ARCO rights, and also any question or update of your Personal Data, or to retract your consent, should be submitted to the LEGAL DEPARTMENT using the Personal Data Form found on the website, sending an email to or delivered to the address indicated.  

Lastly, our full Privacy Notice may be consulted at and LEXIA reserves the right to change this Privacy notice at any time. 

Consent to the treatment of your personal data 

I consent to my personal data being treated according to the terms and conditions laid out in this privacy notice, fully aware that such data may be held by LEXIA and any of their affiliates or subsidiaries. 

YES_____   NO_____ 

I hereby authorize LEXIA and any of their affiliates or subsidiaries to use my data for any project, provided I have not requested the removal of my data prior to such event.  

YES_____   NO_____ 

Owner name and signature: ________________________________________ 

This Privacy Notice was last revised: 24/May/2018 

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